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Our Story

Once upon a time…

Seriously though, every company has a reason why it came to be. 4 Monkeys Design is no different. We started out with one very clear and important goal: to make enough to pay someone to cut the front lawn.

We succeeded the very first month, so we raised the bar a little higher and kept going until we developed a reputation for exceeding client expectations, whatever they might be and no matter what the size of the project.  

Over the last 20-something years, 4 Monkeys has done a lot more beyond supporting a gardener. We’ve built web sites for clients like Disney, Korbel Champagne and Hansen Beverage Company, designed iPad interfaces for Nissan and Kia, and even designed and implemented an HP Smartboard training application for Toyota.

 We’ve also designed marketing collateral for most of the top movie studios, worked on voting campaigns and even done a few packaging designs and special events for Amazon.

Program Management. Redefined.